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We have sufficient, professional and well trained inspectors, to perform all In-coming inspection & test,In-processing inspection & test, Out-going inspection & test.

Including raw material, package, chemical material, water, semi-finished products and finished products for every batch products.

In every workshop, we have special QA/QC person to inspect, supervise and control the production procedure and products in processing;

Audit & Training

All staff worked at Kingphar received a professional training;

We have a yearly training plan for all department and staff, to make sure everyone can receive the proper training; For special requirement, we also have the related training application procedure;

Only qualified staff can work at Kingphar

We receive the third party quality system audit per year from TUV Product Service GmBH, Germany, a well-known notify body;

We have the regular internal audit by qualified internal auditors

We also always receive some customers' audit from Key customers;

All audit results will be present for Management review for improvement in future

Our quality system meet with the requirement of ISO13485 & FDA part 820.

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